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The Innovation Redesigned: Waltonchain 101
What exactly is Waltonchain?
Waltonchain White Paper V 2.0

On September 4, 2018, Waltonchain officially released White Paper V2.0. It is not only a periodic report on the business ecosystem construction progress, but also a deep interpretation of the future vision of Waltonchain. It presents the most sincere, valuable and imaginative consensus mechanism available today, WPoC (Waltonchain Proof of Contribution), and puts forward the unprecedented Chain Cluster concept.

The various projects Waltonchain has been working on have one simple idea at their core: to lead humanity into a reliable digital life, establish a brand new sustainable business ecosystem with all things interconnected via the blockchain technology. With our trust mechanism, human life will become more productive. We invite everyone to read our white paper and discover the potential of Waltonchain!