Liquor/Pharmaceuticals/Oil & Gas Traceability System
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Liquor/Pharmaceuticals/Oil & Gas Traceability System
  • Full process monitoring
  • On-chain data stamps
  • Fast on-chain data calling
  • Data comparison for authenticity
Case Presentation

· The system includes Production Management, Warehousing & Logistics and Consumer End of the production flow

· Production End: sensors/devices collect production environment data (temperature, humidity, process), encrypted data/extracted data stamps are uploaded to blockchain and written into the product-bound RFID tag

· Logistics & Warehousing deploys RFID reader-writers; product status at each link is recorded in the back-end management system and written into the RFID tag; system data is encrypted and uploaded to blockchain regularly

· Consumer End: users scan product tags with RFID readers in stores to view product information and check authenticity

Powerful and flexible data collection, information traceability and credit endorsement are beneficial for consumers, enterprises and technology development. It has wide application prospects for health products, liquor and other industries