Warranty/Extension Information Traceability System
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Warranty/Extension Information Traceability System
  • All process data on blockchain
  • Co-management
  • Equal rights & interests
  • Modular seamless docking
  • Instant verification
Case Presentation

The warranty/extension system ensures equality of rights and interests for beneficiary parties/nodes by uploading encrypted information of each link to blockchain and storing it on multiple node servers in a distributed way to complicate tampering/deletion. The system compares claim, reimbursement and maintenance data with that on blockchain.

Warranty/extension product uploading to blockchain:

Product query on a centralized system. The results are instantly compared with the data on blockchain for authenticity.

key order information

Data comparison to check if repair requirements are met:

YES: proceed to maintenance, NO: maintenance non-conformity report

extension/claim applications

Query result comparison to check if claim requirements are met

extension/repair order key information

Insurance companies query the whole process

repair orders

Users query parts, maintenance items, cost and check repair order authenticity

extension order key information

Users query extension orders and products in them for data authenticity